Movie Review

31 Days of Halloween: Creep (2014)

My pick for Day 3 of 31 Days of Halloween is Creep. This is a fascinating independent film that focuses on just two characters: Aaron and Josef (played by the two writers of the film). This is a fascinating piece of psychological horror.

Creep Poster

IMDB’s description: “A young videographer answers an online ad for a one-day job in a remote town to record the last messages of a dying man. When he notices the man’s odd behavior, he starts to question his intentions.”

One of the greatest strengths of this movie is the atmosphere. The encounters with the creepy man are unsettling throughout the movie, but the whole time, you’re wondering if he’s just creepy or actually dangerous. It’s almost too realistic for comfort because I’m sure we’ve all met people who seemed “off” but you’re not sure if you should be scared or just compassionate. Until the very end, you’re left wondering what is going on inside the mind of this man. This is a pretty short film (77 minutes) but it packs in so much psychology and the feeling of dread.


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