Coming soon from World Castle Publishing: Crooked

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Now Available on Amazon: Suburban Secrets


Short Stories:

“A World Without Magic” (CafeLit – April 2022)

“I Drown Each Time” (Fiction on the Web – April 2022)

“Greetings from Krampus” (The Chamber Magazine – April 2022)

“The Monster Within” (Dreaming in Fiction – October 2020) [As Aurora Bishop]

“The Aftermath of Giving Up” (The Scarlet Leaf Review – October 2019)

“St. Isabelle’s Downfall” (Fiction on the Web  – July 2019)

“Appendix A” (Clever Magazine – Summer 2019)

“Nature’s Graveyard” (Z Publishing – Ohio’s Emerging Authors: An Anthology of Fiction – September 2018

“Confessions” (Jitter Press – Issue 6 – Spring 2018)

“Scarlet’s Revenge” (Blood Moon Rising Magazine – Issue 57 – July 2014) 

“A Room With a View” (Beyond Imagination Digital Literary Magazine – May 2014)

“The Bones” (Danse Macabre – March 2014)

“Welcome to Hell” (eHorror – June 2013)


Hopton Short Story Prize – Awarded by the University of Cincinnati Department of English and Comparative Literature (2013)