“The Necklace” (The Curator – forthcoming)

“Prelude to the Frost” (Grand Little Things – October 2021)

“Reset” (Ephemeral Elegies – September 2021) [As Aurora Bishop]

“Horoscopes for the Unbalanced Libra” (Ephemeral Elegies – September 2020) [As Aurora Bishop]

“Spare Parts” (Ephemeral Elegies – August 2020) [As Aurora Bishop]

“New Life” (Inwood Indiana – Fallow Ground)

“American Exodus” (SOS Art Cincinnati – For a Better World 2020)

“The World Ablaze” (SOS Art Cincinnati – For a Better World 2020)

“Welcome to 2020” (SOS Art Cincinnati – For a Better World 2020)

“Dancing in the Dark” (Writing in a Woman’s Voice – February 2020)

“The Vanishing Act” (Down in the Dirt Magazine – February 2020)

“Endings are Another Beginning” (Poetry Quarterly – Winter 2019)

“Dreaming” (Outcast Poetry – June 2017)

“Almost Invisible” (Page & Spine – January 2015)

“Solipsism” (Page & Spine – January 2015)

“The Monarch Mask” (Third Wednesday – Winter 2014)

“Yesterday” (Leaves of Ink – March 3rd 2014 feature)

2 Haikus (Three Line Poetry – Issue 20)

“The Lecture” (Poetry Quarterly – Summer 2013)

“Whisper” (Inwood Indiana PressDitch’em Issue)

“Without Rain” (Inwood Indiana PressDitch’em Issue)

“The Lily” (Inwood Indiana PressDitch’em Issue)

1 Haiku (Scifaikuest – Issue 43)

3 Haikus (Haiku Journal – Issue 18)

Ephemeral Elegies:

Ephemeral Elegies

Tiffany is also the current editor-in-chief of Ephemeral Elegies, a confessional poetry journal. Submissions are always open to new, emerging, and established poets!