Movie Review

31 Days of Horror: V/H/S (2012)

I think that anthology horror movies are underrated. While I love full-length tales that deliver a broader story, sometimes horror works best in the concept stages. Short horror vignettes can often deliver genuine scares, and that’s why I’ve picked V/H/S as my Day 21 pick for 31 Days of Halloween.

V/H/S Poster

IMDB’s Description: “When a group of misfits are hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they discover more found footage than they bargained for.”

As the characters in the movie play the VHS tape that they obtain, you get to see short horror films that are on the tape. While there is a larger narrative structure, to me the most interesting part of this movie is seeing the vignettes on the tape (each of which were written/directed by a different horror filmmaker). It’s so cool to see the different styles of short film.

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