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New University of Cincinnati Press

Academic publishing is a really big part of the publishing industry, and I was excited to discover that my alma mater The University of Cincinnati has finally launched their own university press. The University of Cincinnati released an official press release!

Image result for university of cincinnati
Credit: The University of Cincinnati

I’ve always been proud of going to UC and of my hometown of Cincinnati, but I was especially impressed by this new publishing platform’s goal to focus on “social justice and community engagement.” I think that this is an important step towards bridging the gap between academic writing and the rest of the world. I love when lines blur, and that will be exemplified here. Cincinnati has had a lot of social concerns in the past and the present. I think it is amazing that the University of Cincinnati continues to take an active role in creating and maintaining community connections and making a difference in the lives of all the diverse people in the greater Cincinnati area.

We don’t know much yet about the forthcoming publishing products of the University of Cincinnati Press, but I’m very excited to see what comes next. I do know, based on the press release, that they will be publishing in both physical and digital formats, which is wonderful since digital formats can often have a larger reach these days. Hopefully, good things will come of this!

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