Book Review

Book-to-Movie Dream Adaptations

I was thinking recently about how much I enjoy movies and TV shows that are based on books I’ve read. I have very much enjoyed shows like Pretty Little Liars and The Shannara Chronicles. And, of course, I love reliving the Harry Potter Books and Confessions of a Shopaholic and the Devil Wears Prada. Sure, there are some disappointing adaptations, but I love re-experiencing some books through other mediums. Here are the top three books that I hope are someday adapted into movies or TV shows (if you haven’t read the books yet, you should definitely check them out!):

  1. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness – This is an interesting take on witch and vampire mythology. Harkness is a trained historian, and you really get a sense of her background in this. I love the characters of Diana, Matthew, and Ysabeau, and I’d love to see them come to life on screen.
  2. Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen – I love this cozy mystery series about a distant royal relation who turns to solving crimes when the money runs up. There’s so much humor in this series, and I could absolutely see this translating well into a television script.
  3. Glass Houses by Rachel Caine – I didn’t want to put a second vampire-related book in this list, but I’ve just always wanted to see this on screen. I got sucked (pun intended) into these books the summer after high school, and I obsessively devoured them all. It was fun escapism with some very interesting characters. I can’t see myself ever re-reading them, but I’d love to return to Morganville if it ever became a CW show or something.

What would you love to see adapted for TV or film? What has been your favorite book-to-movie experience?

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