Book Review

Reading Different Genres

I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t read just one genre. Sometimes when I’m talking about books with people, they seem surprised that I like to read several different genres. I know that most people gravitate towards one or two, but I just find that I read different genres for different reasons. I’m curious if others feel the same way or if they just want the one genre that brings them the most comfort. But, for me, this is why I like to read what I read:

Mystery – If I had to pick just one genre, I’m sure I would pick mystery. I love dark, gritty mysteries as well as cozies. There’s just something about trying to follow clues and discovering who committed the crime that excites me. I gravitate towards mysteries pretty much all the time, but I typically just read the light cozies when I’m feeling overwhelmed with life.

Fantasy – For me, fantasy is the ultimate in escapism. I love exploring these different worlds and going on quests with the characters. I’ll admit that I really have to be in the mood for mystery, but when I am, I’m all in. I read fantasies when I just want to experience a different type of world and when I’m looking for escapism.

Horror – I do love horror. There’s something about the heart-racing dread that makes my adrenaline pump. In my own life, I’m a very safe person. I’m pretty much a homebody, but there’s something really intriguing to me about reading horror. It’s like it’s the safest way for me to experience danger without actually risking ever being in danger. I can have my adrenaline on the couch the way I like it instead of climbing a snowy mountain or something.

Historical – I like history, but I never liked history classes. They can just be so dry, but I do like learning about different historical periods. I’ve found that reading historical fiction helps me to stay focused when I’m learning about fiction. Sure, I sometimes have to do some fact-checking, but I’ve found that historical fiction is really quite delightful.

Literary – Character-driven fiction can often reveal interesting truths about the human condition. I do prefer literary fiction that has a strong domestic element – themes such as parenthood, family, friendship, etc. I also prefer books that explore the psychological element of humanity. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about how to be a person through reading literary fiction.

So, what are you favorite genres to read? Do you read many genres or do you have just one favorite? Feel free to continue the discussion in the comments section.

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