The Aftermath of Giving Up

Merry (Almost) Christmas! It occurred to me today that I had a story come out in October and I completely forgot to post a link. “The Aftermath of Giving Up” is a story I wrote a long time ago as an undergrad. It actually won an award in UC’s English department and was the story that got me into grad school, which was validating at the time, but it has taken 6 years to actually find it a publisher (which was substantially less validating). While it is dark, it’s also a huge departure from my usual style – it’s slower, domestic realism. I’m so grateful for The Scarlet Leaf Review for giving this story a home.

abandoned ancient antique architecture
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!


6 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Giving Up”

      1. You’re a wonderful writer with a poetic turn of a phrase ! I especially enjoyed the Georgette character; she’s so vivid and spot-on (I’ve encountered her type before in religious circles!). You have many great turns of a phrase in your work, but my favorite: Lilah scraped the bottom of the Mason jar with Reverend Allan’s wife’s homemade strawberry jam. She smoothed the jam over the toast and set the toast on the porcelain plate adorned with a painted green ring. Wow; that’s poetic. Remain encouraged in 2020!

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