2020 – the Year of Painting and Poetry

It’s been a new decade for a whole week now, and this has already been a great one! I’m trying to embrace the things that make me happy, even if they’re not things that other people support or understand. For me, that’s coming in two forms: Painting and Poetry.

I’ve always loved painting, but it’s a point of insecurity for me. I like abstracts, and I know that these are not super popular kinds of paintings. Still, I’m getting too old to avoid things I love just because they’re unpopular. So, I’ve set up a small gallery here as well as on ArtPal.

Regarding poetry, I’ve already been hugely encouraged by the volume of poets who want to join in the experience of Ephemeral Elegies (still open to submissions!) There are so many amazing poets who want to share, and it makes me want to share too. I’m feeling really confident that this is going to be a creatively productive year. This is the year that I’m going to take myself seriously as a writer and artist. I’m going to take risks and really work on removing the plague of self-doubt.

Thanks for reading and coming on this journey with me.

XO – Tiffany



9 thoughts on “2020 – the Year of Painting and Poetry”

  1. Christianity wasn’t popular when it first came about, and look at it now! 😅 Keep doing what you love, and one day everyone will start to love what you’re doing..

  2. I have a little painting experience. Abstract paintings are difficult to execute, but I love the results. There is always so much to “read” in an abstract. Have fun with your poetry and painting!

  3. Poetry is more than a little abstract at times. Sometimes, in fact, the best way of expressing something something very raw is by taking a leap of imagination.

  4. Pointillism is a great way to paint it can be so effective and therapeutic if you have time and patience, excited to see what you create

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