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Suburban Secrets Publication Day!

Surprise! The publication day of Suburban Secrets has been moved up to today!


Suburban Secrets is available on Amazon for $2.99 (or FREE if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber!)

Here’s the description from Amazon: “Angela Carmichael feels like an imposter in her idyllic neighborhood. Surrounded by seemingly perfect families, Angela is just doing her best to stay afloat as a single mother and freelance writer. But when a neighborhood boy goes missing, and danger seems to lurk behind every white picket fence, Angela becomes determined to uncover the secrets and lies of her community in order to keep her daughter safe.”

If that sounds like it might be something that would interest you, I hope you’ll consider getting a copy!

Thanks for reading.


Book Review

Book Review: Black Ice

I’m currently working on a romantic suspense project, so I’ve been reading a lot of romantic suspense to learn as much about the genre as I can. Recently, I picked up the book Black Ice by Anne Stuart, and I was not disappointed!


This book is a lot steamier than mine will be, but it was so exciting to read. In this novel, innocent American book translator Claire Underwood (this is an older book, so this is not an homage to House of Cards) runs into sexy Bastien Toussaint during a business conference in Paris. There’s been a dire misunderstanding, and soon she’s dragged into the Parisian underworld filled with dangerous arms dealers and ruthless assassins. Sparks fly as Claire and Bastien spend more and more time together on the run.

There were so many intriguing elements in this book. First, there’s the romance, which was more lustful passion than anything else. Also, the fast-paced adventure was filled with fun twists and turns. I never was sure who was good and who was bad until the very end. I really enjoyed this little guilty pleasure, and I’m excited to read the rest in this series.

I do think I should note that this is really aimed at audiences who love to suspend disbelief and just want to go along for the ride. It’s over-the-top and unbelievable, which is negative for some and great escapism for others.


Book Review

Book Review: Come Sundown by Nora Roberts

I’ve recently been trying to expand the types of books I read. As part of this experiment, I decided to try some Nora Roberts books. I had always avoided her books because I don’t love books with lots of romance, but I ended up really liking several of her books because there are elements of other genres too. Her latest book, Come Sundown, is a novel of romantic suspense, and I really enjoyed it!


This novel takes place on a ranch in Montana, where a woman named Alice disappeared years ago. She is assumed to have run away, but when she suddenly shows up in a disheveled state, they realize that she’s been held captive somewhere nearby for all these years. There’s a mystery here as they try to figure out who is responsible, but there’s also a lot of internal conflict as Alice has to try to cope with what has happened to her, and her family has to readjust to her sudden reappearance as well as the fear that this could happen again if they don’t find the man responsible.

I really enjoyed reading this book, although it was hard to read in some parts because of the captivity subject matter. I definitely thought this was one of Nora Robert’s darker books. There are elements of romance for some of the characters, but they definitely take a back seat to Alice’s story and journey. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys romantic suspense, and for anyone who enjoyed the book Room by Emma Donoghue (which has similar subject matter).

Book Review

Book Review: Thr3e

Sometimes, when I’m looking for escapist fiction,  I am just not in the mood for something light and fluffy. I think that exciting, action-packed fiction can work just as well as an escape. One book that really sucked me in with all the danger and plot twists was Thr3e by Ted Dekker.


Ted Dekker is a Christian author whose books, while containing religious themes, can appeal to an ever wider audience. Even if you are not a Christian, I think that you can absolutely still enjoy his books as well as Frank Peretti’s books. They are very similar and write excellent horror thrillers.

Thr3e was one of the wildest literary rides I’ve been on. It was very fast-paced and I just couldn’t put it down. I had been told that there was a big plot twist at the end (and there is) so I just wanted to discover it as soon as possible. It was well worth the read!

In this book, the character of Kevin receives a mysterious phone call from someone who tells him that he has three minutes to confess his sins to the world or there will be dire consequences. When he ignores the phone all, his car explodes, and he embarks on a path of danger and self-discovery, trying to uncover the identity of caller and making peace with his own past. I don’t want to say too much more because I don’t want to risk revealing too much about the exciting twist, but this is a great book. It was filled with a wonderful amount of suspense and a thrilling plot. I definitely recommend this one for anyone who is looking for a high-octane escape.